Smart and safe elderly care

Create a safe environment for the elderly in their private homes by monitoring the frequency of cleaning and food delivery services. It is also possible to instantly notify a close relative.


Systematic garbage collection

With wireless battery-driven sensors it is possible to optimise the garbage disposal route based on volume. This allows you to only collect garbage when it hits critical level, avoiding collecting containers only 40% full.


Prevent damage caused by climate change

Be advised in the event of high water levels in sewers, lakes, viaducts, and more. With this information you can preemptively take action and direct traffic away to maintain the traffic flow.


Receive notice on leakages or running taps

Over 100.000 damages occur in Denmark due to water leakages with an average maintenance cost of € 2,685. Drastically reduce these costs through immediate damage control using IoT leakage sensors.


Maximise the lifespan of newly planted trees

Studies show that over 20% of newly planted trees die due to water stress. Optimize and automate the irrigation of crops and plants using IoT sensors to measure the humidity and chemical composition of soil.


Track your valuable goods and receive notice on temperature changes

Track your important articles domestically and internationally, and receive notification if their temperature changes.


What the bicycle thieves don't know...

About 55.000 bicycles are stolen every year while only 0.5% of them are eventually recovered. With IoT GPS and Wi-Fi trackers you are able to track important assets and receive notifications if movement is detected.


Ensure that defibrillators are always sufficiently charged

Defibrillators are used to save lives every year, yet statistics show that an alarming 68% of them do not work when needed. Through IoT power sensors, emergency services are notified when battery levels run low.


Optimise processes within the construction industry

Measure temperatures and monitor the hardening of concrete constructions.


We provide a voice for the
Internet of Things in Denmark


IoT Denmark A/S is the exclusive Sigfox operator in Denmark. We are specialists within IoT technology and are responsible for the Danish network coverage of the Sigfox network – a global dedicated IoT network currently available in 60 countries. Our mission is to expand IoT technology across the entire nation by specializing in how companies of all types can gain business value from our technology.

Our sensors are accurate, reliable, and require almost no maintenance and can sometimes last over a decade without replacing the battery. We provide a leading 99.7% geographic outdoor network coverage thanks to the Sigfox ultra-narrowband transmission technology.


The Sigfox network is a truly global network where your devices will work flawlessly across multiple continents.


With a 99.7% geographic outdoor coverage, you can rest assured that your devices will always be connected.
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Sigfox IoT devices are incredibly power efficient, which eliminates the need for frequent maintenance.


Security is an integral part of the entire journey from IoT devices to customer systems using industry best practices.
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IoT serves multiple industries

Select an industry to read more about how IoT technology can create business value through critical data-driven insights.

Asset Tracking

Keep track of your important assets and receive instant notice if anything out of the ordinary happens.

Agriculture & Environment

Automate the irrigation of your crops and monitor their status through actionable insights.

Facilities Management

Create an infrastructure of sensors for buildings and work environments and find defects before they cause expensive damage.

Business & Industry

Monitor engineering equipment, measure voltage and power consumption, measure for chemical substances and more.

Healthcare & Living

Use IoT to help improve healthcare services by monitoring temperature and keep status of visiting and cleaning services.

Public Services

Improve efficiency within the public sector such as garbage collection optimisation and monitor public transport.

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Our partners

"Over a period of time, we have utilized IoT Solution's Sigfox-based IoT technology to explore opportunities for optimizing and improving efficiency in our work routines within the industrial cleaning industry - with great results. In the future we will seek to use wireless sensors to track our existing cleaning equipment. This lets us both track the location of our equipment while also being able to predict when the equipment requires service by measuring their usage."

Tino SøfgrenBusiness Development & Administration Manager, ISS A/S

"One vision for Lyngby-Taarbæk City of Knowledge is to turn Lyngby into a test laboratory for new, intelligent and sustainable urban solutions that can promote urban and industrial development and create a more cohesive city. The first real use of the network in Lyngby is a project at Lyngby-Taarbæk Municipality. It looks at how the use of the municipality’s operating cars can be optimized by mounting a sensor in each car to detect where, when and how far the cars are running."

Marie Juul MadsenProject Coordinator, Lyngby-Taarbæk Kommune