Sigfox technology provides optimal solutions for both environmental and agriculture issues. By installing sensors, it is possible to automate processes and monitor your crops and plants throughout their lifecycle.

With sensors it is possible to:

  • Automate the irrigation of crops to optimise your harvest and plant prosperity
  • Track the movement and condition of your livestock
  • Monitor important climate variables such as temperature and humidity

…and much more.

With Sigfox tracking devices you can track and monitor the movement and location of your goods throughout their transportation. This is particularly important regarding fast-deteriorating food supplies and ensuring animal welfare.

With Sigfox Internet of Things sensors you can replace the manual monitoring of storage tanks and silos. By installing sensors you can get a much more accurate and reliable measurement of their volumes in real time based on data, and subsequently make more informed decisions.

Other opportunities include the administration of livestock. With a GPS tracker attached with a collar, you can track and maintain an overview of your livestock while collecting data on their whereabouts, movements, location, and stress levels. This can contribute to minimizing costs by avoiding health hazards and improving the security of farm areas and general livestock welfare.

Different trackers also exist for your important assets such as tractors, heavy forklift machinery, and tools from thieves.

If you are looking for a specific IoT solution or if you are in doubt regarding how one of the aforementioned solutions apply to your company in particular, please feel free to contact us at Our friendly consultants are ready and looking forward to chat with you.