Sigfox IoT technology provides opportunities within many different business areas and industries, from energy consumption monitoring at factories to actively tracking assets and valuables throughout the entire supply chain.

There are monumental business prospects within tracking and security of valuable assets. Opportunities also exist with sensors that track engineering equipment and control the temperature of food supplies and medicin. Furthermore, solutions exist that can track water leakages in drains which can drastically reduce water damages through preemptive maintenance.

Data can prove to be quite valuable when collected over time on voltages, energy consumption and chemical substances which highly depend on the particular engineering field.

Our ‘smart button’ solutions are also helpful in:

  • Optimising the delivery and retrieval of parcels through a button which employees can use to automatically register that a package requires attention (where you configure what happens).
  • Registering customer satisfaction through buttons at any given location.
  • Automatic reordering of stock or repeatable ordering of common goods.

The implementation of IoT solutions can help industries drastically reduce unnecessary costs through different means and measures.

If you are looking for a specific IoT solution or if you are in doubt regarding how one of the aforementioned solutions apply to your company in particular, please feel free to contact us at Our friendly consultants are ready and looking forward to chat with you.