Today it is easy and fast to automate parts of the infrastructure in buildings where cheap and wireless IoT sensors can monitor systems like HWAC (Heat, Ventilation, Aircondition, Control), heating boilers, lights, and fire security systems.

These sensors also provide the opportunity to measure and control the indoor climate, the use of meeting rooms and tally door openings.

Heavy machines such as lifts and cargo lifts can also have IoT sensors installed to monitor and collect data. Through predictive analytics, an automatic preemptive maintenance service can be conceived.

Water leakages and Legionella-bacteria can auto quickly be discovered through IoT solutions.

Other areas where smart solutions via Sigfox can be applied are:

  • Collection of consumption in real-time
  • Pest control
  • Monitoring of defibrillators in the public space
  • Preventive measures against building damages and predicting the need for maintenance

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