Through simple-to-install solutions, Sigfox IoT has the potential to improve many aspects of the healthcare system as it is today:

Within the health sector it is possible to wirelessly measure and control temperature, humidity, CO2 and noise levels to gain an immediate understanding of whether or not the indoor climate can be improved through the transmitted data.

Within cleaning services there are opportunities to improve services through presence sensors. Using data from these sensors, it is possible to understand exactly when and for how long a specific room has been used. Based on this knowledge, cleaning personel can be dispatched to the locations which have been used the most and therefore require most cleaning.

Within healthcare, IoT solutions exist that provide valuable alerts for healthcare professionals. One such solution is a so-called “smart bed” in which sensors can tell when a patient is sleeping or has suddenly woken up. This can be important especially when a patient is under observation for critical health problems and where a faster response can be life-changing. This specific technology can also be used for other purposes such as tallying passengers using public transit.

On a more practical note, IoT solutions also exist to improve the administration of services which can ensure that the appropriate professional has performed their daily routines through IoT finger-pattern registration.

Another important and potentially life-saving area that IoT Denmark actively works on, is a warning system for defibrillators that run out of power. Our solution ensures that they work when they are most needed.

The opportunities within healthcare and living are monumental in terms of the benefits that Sigfox IoT solutions can provide, as is the case with many other industries.

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