Cities across the world are waking up to the opportunities provided by Sigfox IoT solutions. Just a few sample projects include:

  • Monitoring of defibrillators in the public space
  • Optimisation of garbage collection through systemised transport routes
  • Optimisation of shared city bicycles through GPS trackers
  • Measurements of schools and public facilities to improve health data
  • Temperature measurements of food and goods in storage at schools and institutions
  • Proactive maintenance and preventive installations based on sensor data
  • Measurement of city climate and pollution
  • Road and walkway presence and temperature sensors to optimise use of road salt
  • Measurement of water levels and volumes in drains, lakes, and pipe systems

Our technology will truly make our cities data-driven and have enormous potential to improve and optimise many aspects of public interest.

If you are looking for a specific IoT solution or if you are in doubt regarding how one of the aforementioned solutions apply to your company in particular, please feel free to contact us at Our friendly consultants are ready and looking forward to chat with you.